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Hard to believe....2008 is almost Gratitude....

Amazing how time flies....this time last year I handed in my resignation letter and left the world of government to pursue teaching yoga on a full-time basis.  It has been a most interesting year looking back, filled with doubt, happiness, frustration, learning, and letting go.  I have finished 3 teacher trainings (the 200-HR Hatha-Ashtanga from Santosha, 67-HRs with Beryl Bender Birch and 40-HRs of Ashtanga training with David Swenson).  During the first part of the year, I got really sick in February and had to teach really ill or sometimes not all, it was like the universe put me on pause, and I came face-to-face with life without sick days.  The questions I've entertained a lot of this year, is "Yoga, do you make enough to live on that?".  Frankly, I don't really know, I'm in an envious situation that my husband does fairly well and so this has not yet been a real issue, thank GOD. 

Though, truthfully, to live on, I'd say no.  I'm teaching a lot of the daytime classes (not complaining, just reality) that right now aren't getting totally great numbers and I remain hopeful that I may be offered an evening slot one day soon where the student traffic is a little higher. It would be very nice, but I am not attached to it one way or the other.  I am just very grateful that I am teaching yoga full-time and love my new life.  I no longer feel as though I am wasting my time and my life behind a desk, in a job that wasn't me and in an environment that was ultimately killing my soul.  Even though monetary situation may not be as good as before, I still feel really rich with the gift of time, of making my own schedule, of sharing something I love, of being surrounded by great students and inspiring teachers. Hmm, so I guess the answer is Yes, I do have enough to live on, and I trust that the universe will bring to me what I need at the right time. 

Tania Frechette, fellow yoga-teacher and spiritual sister, often ends her year with a gratitude list. so here's mine....the idea is to list people whom you are thankful for.....

1.  Mike Block  - my hubby, thank you for believing me in, and for writing my resignation letter.  If it weren't for you, I probably would still be there, and miserable.  Thanks too for building my website.
2.  Tania Frechette - for being a constant source of inspiration and proving what persistence, trust and pixie-dust can do.
3.  Andrea Knight - thanks for being there as my best friend throughout all the years, and for also continuing to give me the kick in the butt when I need it. You are a wonderful friend, and Mike and I so lucky to have you and Rob as best friends and next door neighbours.
4. Basia Going - Your open, honest, warm, giving and completely real.  Thank you for letting me be me even though my cloudy crappy days where I have space and permission to be down/grumpy. Thank you to for inviting me to part of the Adishesha Yoga Zone team and for mentoring me.
4. My Parents, my brother, and my Uncle Ray -- Thanks Mom and Dad for being so supportive of my decision, and for just wanting me to be happy.  Thanks Rich for being a sympathetic ear and your support, though we rarely talk, I'm still glad your my bro.  Thanks Uncle Ray for being so supportive too of all the crazy decisions I've made and for being part of my rooting team.
5. All of the wonderful students who've made the effort to come to class and to the familiar faces I'm so blessed to see again.  You know who are you........

There are probably more people I should be thanking this year, so if I have missed anyone, please accept my apologies.....

Other things I'm grateful for....

A warm home, a warm bed, variety of clothes to wear, my cat, the variety of food to eat, living in a relatively safe country, that I've had an education, schooling, that I have a body that works (more or less), and for the privileged life I lead. Thank you universe, I am so grateful.....

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December 12, 2008
by anonymous
yoga boy, that's the sweetest comment :)
December 10, 2008
by yogaboy
Hey Babe!

I know that this has been a wonderful and terrifying year for you, with all the ups and downs of turning your world on its head to follow something you love and believe in. I know that yoga does make you happy, and will allows return you to that place of gratitude. You are truly my love and inspiration. I am such a lucky guy to have you in my life.

2008 is almost over and spending 2009 with you never looked so good :)
December 10, 2008
by Tania
Hey Nat,

Too funny! I was taking a break from writing my 2008 highlights as I read your blog. You too are an inspiration and a wonderful friend. I am really grateful for our friendship. HUG
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