Clones, Mistaken Identity, Uniqueness

A friend of mine once commented that he believes that they are only a certain number of human physical blueprints, or models out there.  This was in reference to a discussion we were having about who do you look like.  More and more I coming to see a lot of truth in this.  Yesterday, a very nice couple helped me drive out of a bank of snow during the big storm yesterday. They first asked me if I was Dr. So-So (can't remember her name), but they were quite shocked/surprised how much I looked this Dr. friend of theirs.  I have also been mistaken for someone else.  It is always a little hard to know how to react to these situations, but I can't help feeling a little deflated, like I have lost something of my uniqueness. Yes, I know that is just my ego crying out for attention and my attachment to form, but it's hard not to wonder then if the universe had supplied this great big world with a few select physical models.  Or, is this just a way, that our species, as humans, likes to find similarities between things, Rather than differences.  And this happens all the time, I sometimes am told that I look like Jodie Foster, and if you read on IMDB (the best Internet movie database) there are lots of discussions among fans who are other look-alike Starr's. Comparisons are made each and every time.  At any rate, it was just a thought I wanted to share and I'm curious to meet my body-doubles. 

Let me know if you've had similar experiences and how it made you feel....

Last Modified: 2013-02-05
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