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October 22, 2008

Feeling Grateful and Change is Good

I haven't written a blog in a while.  Life has been pretty busy, with the Community Centres, Corporate and new Adishesha Yoga Zone classes have come into full swing on the schedule.  It's always a little hard after the summer to get used to the new schedule, summer tends to be lighter and I just enjoyed having time to take day time classes, read outside and have lots of spare time.  So to help me keep track of things, I actually got myself a Blackberry Curve.  Oh, the humanity -:)  Actually it's very ironic, when I worked for the government I never ever would have wanted one, but now that I'm out a lot of days, and often long days when I don't get home real late, it's become a really handy tool.  The trick I think will be for me to manage it's use, and not let it to use or control me.  

There has been a lot of changes recently in the yoga community, and it has been interesting to see the developments, hear the gossip, the speculations if Ottawa can accommodate that many new centres.  In the end, I believe that all the new centres will do well, and that the existing ones, will continue to do well.  There will be a bit of shuffling going on as the dust settles, but things always work out exactly as they are meant to be.  I've been reading The Heart of Yoga by Dekishar, and Isvara Prandihara comes to mind. We normally resist change, but it teaches that sometimes you  just have to let go and trust.  Have faith....

During the transition, I was able to help Basia Going with some of the set-up of her beautiful new studio, Adishesha Yoga Zone on Fourth Avenue.  It was A LOT of work, and it really made me appreciate what goes into running a yoga studio.  I'm so grateful too that I've been asked to teach there.  Basia is quite particular about the whom she has on board on teach, and I"m in some really great company.  If you haven't' dropped by, come for a visit, at 99 Fourth Avenue, behind the Wild Oat, used to be the Changing Pace studio.

I feel so incredibly blessed that I can teach yoga, it really is a privilege, and not a right and I value every student who walks into my class. 

Belly dancing is back on too and although it adds another night to my schedule, it would be hard to give it up.  It's a lot of fun and once again I find myself in the company of a great group of women, plus it's really girly and I've just picked up a couple of cute new outfits.

I'm also running my very ever workshop, it's on November 1st at Basia's place, the lovely Adishesha Retreat Zone in Luskville Quebec.  I've been busy preparing the manual and planning out kriya sets that we are going to do during the day.  It'll be a great physical cleanse for the body, in great company and in a great setting. Plus, Basia is an amazing cook.

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